Tune your environment with

acoustic panels

Transform your space with Printed Acoustic Panels, a unique combination of sound control technology and customizable artwork that allows you to enhance your environment while maintaining optimal acoustics.

Wall mounted panels

We have honed our expertise in printing on acoustic fabrics and panels, maintaining superior acoustical performance throughout. By utilizing the latest printing technologies, we can produce framed or frameless acoustic panel artwork in virtually any size.

Furthermore, our solutions deliver outstanding sound absorption, with products boasting up to 90% absorption rates (Class A sound absorption).

Acoustic performance

Sound absorption coefficient

*Acoustic data can differ based on the specific core and fabric composition chosen.


  • Impressive acoustic performance.
  • Comes in two depths – 25 and 50mm.
  • Wide selection of fabric options to choose from.
  • Easily accommodates switches, sockets, and utilities.
  • Adaptable for curved or angled walls.
  • Customizable with printed images and graphics.
  • Quick and simple fabric replacement.
  • Select a standard design or create your own.

Commercial Spaces | Office Buildings | Conference
Rooms | Theatres Home Cinemas | Recording Studios 
Dining Establishments Libraries | Residential Properties

Made from three layers


Extruded aluminium available in 50mm and 25mm depths.  Available in square, bevel and radius perimeter edge profile.


Fabrics selected by architect/designer/client but must be approved by FabricWall for acoustic performance.


100% Polyester Fibre (PET) recycled. Available in two thicknesses plus a standard and premium density.

Aluminium profile depths

50mm profile

strong, single-sided 

25mm profile

cost-efficient single-sided

Benefits of our acoustic panels​

Workspace interiors

Acoustic panels in workspaces enhance privacy and concentration by reducing noise pollution in open-plan offices and improving communication in meeting areas. They also serve an aesthetic purpose, doubling as art with options for custom prints such as company logos or calming landscapes.

Leisure spaces

Leisure spaces benefit from acoustic panels by managing echoes and sound bleed in large venues like cinemas and gyms, enhancing entertainment quality. These panels can also be themed, featuring sports icons or movie artwork to align with the space's usage and decor.


In educational environments, acoustic panels reduce classroom noise, fostering better learning conditions. They can also be customized to display educational content or inspirational quotes, adding functional decoration that enhances the educational atmosphere.


In the hospitality sector, acoustic panels control ambiance and minimize background noise in hotels and restaurants, improving guest experiences. They can also be themed to match establishment branding or local culture, adding to the visual appeal while being functionally effective.


Acoustic panels contribute to a calmer environment in healthcare settings by reducing noise in hospitals and clinics, aiding in patient recovery. These panels are also designed to be hygienic and easy to clean, meeting the strict cleanliness standards required in medical facilities.

If you need help with artwork...

Just send us your scribbles and scamps with some notes and we will create some artwork based on this. You can have a look at what we've created for you to approve or make a few adjustments. When you're happy, let us know and we'll get it on your wall.