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Branded wayfinding signage plays a crucial role in enhancing navigation, improving user experience, and supporting brand identity across these diverse sectors.


Visuals are instrumental in the learning process. Let's take that concept to the next level. Our school's digitally printed murals serve multiple purposes! They are focal points showcasing vibrant artwork meant to educate, remind, endorse, welcome, and inspire.

Product overview

Flat directional sign

Direct visitors clearly with Flat Directional Signs, merging functionality with a clean design.

Polished acrylic

Showcase modern branding with Polished Acrylic Signs, featuring a glossy, durable finish.

Lamp post banners

Boost outdoor visibility with durable Lamp Post Banners, designed to withstand the elements.

Wayfinding applications

Workspace interiors

In office buildings and corporate environments, branded wayfinding signage helps navigate complex interiors while reinforcing the corporate identity. Effective signage solutions include directory signs, departmental signs, and emergency exit routes that not only guide but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the workspace.

Leisure spaces

For leisure facilities like amusement parks, sports arenas, and cinemas, wayfinding signage is essential for guiding visitors through sprawling layouts. These signs can be branded to reflect the theme of the space, providing directional guidance while contributing to the overall visitor experience and maintaining brand consistency.


Educational campuses benefit significantly from branded wayfinding signage. In schools, colleges, and universities, these signs help students, staff, and visitors navigate large campuses and find specific departments, administrative offices, and facilities. This signage can also carry the institution's colours and logos, strengthening school spirit and brand identity.


Hotels, resorts, and other hospitality venues use branded wayfinding signage to guide guests from the lobby to their rooms, amenities like spas and restaurants, and conference areas. These signs are crucial for enhancing guest experience and can be customized to match the hotel’s branding, providing a seamless aesthetic from entry to exit.


In hospitals and medical centres, wayfinding signage is vital for directing patients and visitors to various departments such as emergency, paediatrics, or oncology. Branded signs not only assist in navigation but also help alleviate the stress of hospital visits by being clear and easy to follow, and they reinforce the care facility's commitment to patient care through thoughtful, patient-friendly design.

If you need help with artwork...

Just send us your scribbles and scamps with some notes and we will create some artwork based on this. You can have a look at what we've created for you to approve or make a few adjustments. When you're happy, let us know and we'll get it on your wall.