Refresh by centeria

Comprehensive Branding Assessment and Revitalisation for Workspaces.

With Centeria RefreshWe assess and rejuvenate your branding elements— Quickly identifying what needs attention and maintain the appeal and functionality of your property.

Preserve and Enhance Property Value

Regular updates and smart refurbishments maintain and increase your property’s market appeal, ensuring competitive edge and value appreciation. 

Boost Tenant Satisfaction and Retention

Maintain a pristine and inviting workspace that meets tenants' expectations, improving their overall satisfaction and encouraging longer lease terms.

Maximise Budget Efficiency with Smart Upgrades

Leverage our tailored, cost-effective solutions to revitalise your space without overspending, ensuring maximum returns on your maintenance investments. 

flex space by centeria

A unique service for office and workspace landlords. Offer your tenants personalised, branded environments instead of just a blank space. With Centeria Flex Space, provide inspiring workspaces that reflect your tenants’ corporate identity.

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How it works


Detailed Assessment

Our experts conduct a thorough walkthrough of your building, closely examining all branding elements such as murals, signs, and window graphics. 

We assess each item for signs of wear and tear, using our specialised traffic light grading system:

Green The element is in good condition and requires no immediate action.

Amber The element needs attention soon; it is not critical but could become a problem if ignored.

Red The element requires immediate repair or replacement due to significant damage or wear.


Comprehensive Reporting

After the assessment, we compile a detailed report that categorises each branding element by location and condition. 

This report includes our traffic light ratings and is accompanied by a tailored quotation for repairs and replacements. 

The quotation is segmented by urgency and area, allowing you to easily decide which repairs to prioritise based on your budget and the report’s insights.


Revitalisation Plan

Based on your decisions from the report, we develop a customised revitalisation plan. 

This plan not only addresses immediate repairs but also offers cost-effective alternatives for enhancements. 

For example, instead of replacing a damaged wallpaper entirely, we might suggest covering it with an artful print. 

We also outline potential discounts for grouped services, providing a sliding scale of pricing to maximise your budget efficiency.


Production and Installation

Once the revitalisation plan is approved, our skilled production team takes over. 

We create and source all necessary materials, ensuring they meet our high-quality standards and your specific needs. 

Our professional installation team then implements the plan meticulously, handling everything from minor touch-ups to major replacements. 

We schedule installations to minimise disruption to your daily operations, ensuring a smooth transition to a refreshed and vibrant workspace.

Cost-Effective Enhancements

Instead of costly replacements, we offer creative alternatives like artful prints to cover damaged areas, providing an economical yet stylish upgrade to your space.

Refresh by centeria

Customisable Solutions

Selective Repair Options Choose only the repairs you need. Our detailed assessment and grading system allow you to prioritise tasks by urgency—tackle the 'reds' immediately or schedule 'ambers' as needed. This targeted approach helps manage costs without compromising on the necessity.

Cost-Efficient Planning Implement the suggested repairs and updates in phases, based on your budget and timeline preferences. This flexibility helps maintain your workspace's aesthetics and functionality over time without a large upfront cost.

Cost-Effective Alternatives

Innovative Remedies Where complete replacements aren’t required, we offer creative, less expensive solutions. For example, covering a damaged area with aesthetically pleasing artwork or decorative elements that blend seamlessly with the existing design.

Sustainable Choices We provide options that not only fix issues but also enhance durability and reduce the need for frequent replacements, such as high-quality, long-lasting materials for high-traffic areas.

Special Focus on High Traffic Areas

Enhanced Durability High-traffic areas like lobbies, corridors, and common rooms receive special attention to ensure they are not only visually appealing but also built to withstand heavy use. This reduces the frequency of refurbishments and maintains an inviting atmosphere for tenants and visitors.

First Impressions Count We help you make the best first impression with a well-maintained reception and other public-facing areas, crucial for tenant satisfaction and prospective client visits.

Maintenance Program

Regular Updates and Touch-Ups Scheduled maintenance visits help keep your space looking its best. These can be timed to address minor wear before it becomes extensive, saving on larger repair costs in the future.

Full Lifecycle Service From initial assessment to final implementation of the revitalisation plan, we manage the entire process. This includes ongoing consultations to adapt to any new needs or changes in your space usage.

Refresh by centeria

Maintain Property Value

Regular refurbishments keep your space competitive and appealing, sustaining or increasing its rental value.

Enhance Tenant Satisfaction

A well-maintained environment improves tenant morale and retention by ensuring a professional and inviting workspace.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Our tiered assessment and remediation options allow for budget-friendly upkeep without compromising on quality.

Seamless Service Guarantee

Trust in our full-service approach—from detailed assessments to expert repairs and creative alternatives, we handle it all to minimise disruptions and maximise efficiency.

Flex space by centeria

Taking the First Steps…

If you have big plans for your branding, you need to set the tone from the start. That’s where we come in. If you’d like to build a new brand or refresh a tired one, don’t hesitate to get in touch