Brand engagement for hospitality   by Centeria

At Centeria, we enhance hospitality spaces with custom branding solutions such as wall graphics, vinyl floor designs, privacy window films, and outdoor signage. Our tailored designs create visually appealing and functional environments for hotels, restaurants, bars, and boutique hotels, enhancing guest experiences and reflecting your brand's identity.

Corporate identity in workspace branding 

At Centeria, we enhance workspaces with custom branding solutions, including wall graphics, window films, and acoustic panels. Our tailored designs reflect your corporate identity, creating functional and inspiring environments for businesses, tenants, and landlords.

Customer recognition

Consistent branding elements, like logos and colors, make your establishment easily recognizable, building trust and encouraging repeat visits and referrals.


Effective branding highlights what makes your hospitality space unique, setting it apart from competitors and attracting guests looking for specific experiences.

Business growth

Strong branding supports business expansion by attracting investors and new customers, ensuring consistent quality and customer expectations across new locations or services.

Elevating guest experiences with centeria’s hospitality enhancement products

For hospitality venues, Centeria provides a range of products designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. This includes wall graphics for interior décor and branding in hotels, restaurants, and bars; custom vinyl floor graphics for directional purposes and thematic decoration; window films to offer privacy and ambiance control in guest areas; and outdoor signage to guide visitors and promote venue features. Each product is crafted to elevate the guest experience, ensuring spaces are inviting and visually cohesive.

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What we do

Wall graphics

Elevate your space with Centeria's bespoke wall graphics, including custom wallpapers, wall murals, and vinyl decals.

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Picture framing

Our custom picture framing options allow you to showcase your artwork, photographs, or company achievements in style.

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Architectural films

Architectural films offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for enhancing boutique hotel interiors.​

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External branding

For impactful business solutions, we provide a range of products like building wraps, digital displays, signage, and banners.

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Other sectors

Creative spaces in education

Wellness branding for healthcare

Corporate identity in workspace branding

Visual identity in leisure spaces

Taking the First Steps…

If you have big plans for your branding, you need to set the tone from the start. That’s where we come in. If you’d like to build a new brand or refresh a tired one, don’t hesitate to get in touch