Visual identity in leisure spaces   by Centeria

At Centeria, we enhance leisure spaces with custom branding solutions like wall graphics, vinyl floor designs, privacy window films, and outdoor signage. Our tailored designs create visually appealing and functional environments for gyms, spas, sports centers, and wellness facilities, reflecting your brand’s identity and improving client experiences.

Corporate identity in workspace branding 

At Centeria, we enhance workspaces with custom branding solutions, including wall graphics, window films, and acoustic panels. Our tailored designs reflect your corporate identity, creating functional and inspiring environments for businesses, tenants, and landlords.


Consistent branding makes your gym or venue easily identifiable, building familiarity and trust, and attracting more visitors.

Member loyalty

Consistent, positive branding experiences encourage members to renew memberships and recommend your facility to others, enhancing loyalty.

Visitor experience

Well-branded spaces create a cohesive, engaging environment, improving satisfaction and encouraging repeat visits and positive reviews.

Revitalizing leisure facilities with centeria's custom decor and signage solutions

Centeria offers a variety of products to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. These include wall graphics for decorating spaces like gyms and sports centres, custom vinyl floor graphics for wayfinding and thematic branding, window films to control light and ensure privacy in areas such as spas, and durable outdoor signage to guide visitors and promote events. Each product is carefully designed to support leisure activities, making environments more engaging and visually appealing.

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What we do

CAD cut vinyls

CAD cut self-adhesive vinyls offer a versatile and impactful branding solution, ideal for customising any space with vibrant graphics.

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Floor Graphics

Transform the way patients and staff navigate your healthcare facility with Centeria's specialized Floor Graphics.

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Architectural films

Architectural films offer sustainable updates for leisure spaces by wrapping doors and furnishings instead of replacing them.

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Signage offers significant benefits for leisure spaces by enhancing visibility, guiding visitors, and promoting brand identity.

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Other sectors

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Corporate identity in workspace branding

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Taking the First Steps…

If you have big plans for your branding, you need to set the tone from the start. That’s where we come in. If you’d like to build a new brand or refresh a tired one, don’t hesitate to get in touch