Protect surfaces with 

antimicrobial films

The use of antimicrobial film offers valuable benefits to a wide range of situations. The film can be easily placed onto almost any surface and remains resistant to both bacteria and wear over time.

Antimicrobial films

Antimicrobial film is a top-coat layer that can be added to the surface of any number of materials, including adhesive materials such as labels and tape. The film contains a powerful and safe bacteria-blocking agent, which is produced by the combination of silver ions and zeolite.

Key b​enefits

This antimicrobial film creates an invisible protection against bacteria and other microorganisms in high-contact areas like handles, desks, buttons, and touch screens.

  • Single Layer PET Film 
  • Propriety Silver Ion Antimicrobial Hardcoat Technology
  • Removable Adhesive for Easy Removal & Replacement
  • High Optical Clarity
  • Available in Rolls, Sheets & Custom Shapes

Antimicrobial film applications

Workspace interiors

Antimicrobial films are crucial in modern workplaces, particularly on shared surfaces such as conference tables, door handles, and office equipment. They inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses, ensuring a healthier working environment and reducing sick days among staff.

Leisure spaces

Leisure facilities such as gyms, spas, and cinemas apply antimicrobial films to equipment, seats, and other shared surfaces. This helps to minimize health risks associated with high-contact areas and supports a clean, safe environment for relaxation and exercise.


In schools and universities, applying antimicrobial films to desks, library tables, and lab equipment helps prevent the spread of infections among students. This is particularly important in younger grades where children are more likely to touch their surroundings and then their faces.


Hotels, cruise ships, and restaurants benefit from antimicrobial films on countertops, dining tables, and room furniture. These films help maintain high standards of hygiene, enhancing guest confidence and satisfaction by ensuring these frequently used surfaces are protected against microbial growth.


Antimicrobial films are indispensable in healthcare settings, applied on patient bedrails, waiting room furniture, and other high-touch areas. This technology significantly aids in infection control—a critical aspect of healthcare operations, especially in areas prone to cross-contamination.

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