Refurb with 

​architectural films

Architectural films are a versatile and economical choice for enhancing any interior space. Available in numerous designs, these films provide flexibility in achieving the desired aesthetic for various settings. 

Perfect for quick updates or complete transformations, architectural films ensure minimal disruption and durable results, making them suitable for a wide range of environments.

Make the sustainable choice

The use of architectural film has become more prevalent over the last few years as there has been a shift in attitude toward using sustainable solutions and methods within the construction sector. 

Wrapping doors or case goods instead of ripping out and sending to landfill is a powerful statement for any stakeholders within a refurbishment scheme. 

We recommend you discuss all technical considerations for your project with one of our skilled installation partners.

architectural photography of black and brown hallway
white ceramic mug on white ceramic saucer on white wooden cabinet
white bed linen on bed
realistic textures
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transform many
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more cost effective
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Due to the number of finishes available, durability varies between patterns, finishes typically last 10 years to 5 years. The specialist exterior range however is expected to last 10 years+ ensuring protection against defects in fading, peeling, discolouration or loss of adhesion.


Architectural films are made from durable PVC, meaning they are wipeable and practical. They are also resistant to staining by common substances e.g. food or household cleaners. Full technical spec sheets are available on request.

Fire certification 

Architectural films meet all building and IMO regulations with fire certifications available across the range. Should you require specific information by patterns, we can put you in touch with our technical department. Fire test results vary by finish and application substrate, with most classified as class B or C with low dripping and emissions.

Abrasion resistance

Superior to many common wall surfaces such as paint/ wallpaper, an equivalent level of HPL. There are additional specialist ranges also available for high traffic areas, or where greater protection is sought.

Wood finishes

Stone finishes

Metallic finishes

Fabric finishes

Architectural films applications

Workspace interiors

Architectural films in office environments are ideal for revitalizing dated surfaces and furniture with new, modern finishes. These films can replicate the appearance of expensive materials such as wood, marble, or abstract textures, providing a cost-effective makeover for desks, cabinets, and other office fixtures, enhancing the overall workplace ambiance.

Leisure spaces

For leisure facilities like fitness centres, spa areas, and clubs, architectural films offer a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to update interior designs. Applied to walls, lockers, and even equipment, these films can introduce vibrant colours or soothing patterns that elevate the user experience and withstand the wear and tear of high-traffic areas.


In schools and universities, architectural films are used to refresh classroom furniture and walls without the need for extensive renovations. By applying films with bright, engaging colors or educational patterns, institutions can create a more stimulating learning environment that inspires students and staff alike.


The hospitality industry benefits from architectural films by enhancing the visual appeal of interiors such as hotel lobbies, restaurant bars, and guest rooms. These films can be applied to virtually any surface, offering a quick and reversible solution to keep decor up to date with current trends and guest expectations.


Healthcare facilities use architectural films to update the decor of common areas, patient rooms, and medical offices. These films can help create a more welcoming and comforting atmosphere, vital for patient recovery and overall satisfaction. Their ease of application and maintenance also supports the stringent cleanliness standards required in healthcare environments.

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