Discover the versatility of

​CAD cut vinyls

CAD cut self-adhesive vinyls offer a versatile and impactful branding solution, ideal for customising any space with vibrant, high-quality graphics.

These vinyls are perfect for both temporary and permanent applications, providing a cost-effective way to enhance visual engagement and reinforce brand identity in busy environments like retail spaces, events, and exhibitions.

Self-adhesive vinyls

Shapes, logos, and lettering in any font are versatile for use across a variety of applications. They are frequently applied to manufactured equipment, industrial containers, domestic repair vans, mobile catering units, and cars, serving both functional and branding purposes.

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Product overview

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Cut vinyl lettering

Self-adhesive vinyl cut out letters work great for shop signs, window displays, glass, mirrors, acrylics, polycarbonates, etc.

Solid colour vinyl

Great for interior walls, furniture, plastic & wood doors or any other clean smooth surface.

Vehicle lettering

Self-adhesive vinyl letters and numbers stick to any clean smooth surface and can be used for all types of vehicles.

Printed and cut vinyl

Combines high-quality printing with precise cutting to create customised designs ideal for branding and decorative purposes.

Specialist cut vinyl

The specialist vinyls are tailored to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements, making it ideal for unique or complex applications across a range of surfaces and environments.

Explore the wide range of vinyl colours

Vinyl for branding and signage comes in an expansive range of colours, ensuring flexibility in design and the ability to match any branding requirements. 

Options include standard colours, vibrant hues, metallic finishes, and matte or gloss textures. 

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CAD cut vinyl applications

Workspace interiors

CAD cut vinyls are extensively used in workspace interiors for branding and decorative purposes. They can be applied to walls, glass partitions, and even floors to display company logos, departmental signage, or motivational quotes. The precision cutting allows for detailed designs that can enhance the professional appearance of an office while reinforcing corporate identity.

Leisure spaces

In leisure sectors like gyms, spas, and entertainment venues, CAD cut vinyls contribute to the thematic decoration and wayfinding. These vinyls can be used to mark different areas, provide directional cues, and feature vibrant, motivational artwork that complements the energy of the space. They are also used in decorating sports equipment and locker room facilities with team logos or sponsor information.


Educational institutions use CAD cut vinyls for a variety of applications including classroom decoration, wayfinding, and informational signage. These can feature educational graphics, school mottos, or floor maps. CAD cut vinyls are also used in libraries and labs to label areas and provide instructional signage in a visually appealing manner.


Hotels, restaurants, and resorts utilize CAD cut vinyls to enhance guest experiences through bespoke interior themes and navigational aids. These vinyls can be used to display room numbers, directional signage, promotional messages, or decorative elements that reflect the establishment’s ambiance and ethos.


In healthcare settings, CAD cut vinyls are used to create a welcoming and calming environment. Signage for directions, department identifiers, and motivational quotes can be tailored to the needs of patients and staff. Additionally, these vinyls are used in children’s areas to display bright, cheerful designs that reduce anxiety.

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