Attract & engage with

​external branding

Optimizing external branding for each sector enhances visibility, attracts clientele, and supports the overall branding strategy, making it an essential component of marketing and customer engagement.

External branding

Enhance your brand visibility and make a lasting impression with eye-catching external branding. From building wraps and hoardings to shop window coverups and Heras banners, transform your building's exterior into a powerful marketing tool.

Product overview

External theming

Transform your building's exterior with custom branding and designs.

Building wraps

Large-scale, high-impact visuals for promotions or renovations.  

Heras banner

Secure fencing advertising for construction sites and events.

Shop window coverups

Temporary, eye-catching displays for promotions or renovations. 


Sturdy, branded barriers for construction sites and advertising.pen_spark 

External branding applications

Workspace interiors

Boost your corporate identity with strategic external branding in office environments. High-quality signage, banners, and facade graphics not only elevate the exterior aesthetic of corporate buildings but also make a strong first impression on clients and visitors, effectively communicating your brand's professionalism and values.

Leisure spaces

In leisure sectors such as resorts, sports complexes, and entertainment venues, external branding plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging visitors. Large-scale banners, vibrant signage, and thematic graphics can be used to capture the essence of the venue, promoting events and enhancing the overall guest experience with appealing visual cues.


Educational institutions can leverage external branding to foster school spirit and community identity. From banners celebrating sporting events to signage that highlights academic achievements, effective external branding helps to build a sense of pride among students and staff while also serving as a beacon for prospective students and their families.


Hotels and restaurants benefit greatly from sophisticated external branding to attract guests. Eye-catching signage, elegant canopy graphics, and illuminated facades set the tone for the guest experience, ensuring that the establishment stands out in competitive environments and conveys an inviting atmosphere.


In healthcare settings, external branding needs to communicate trust and care. Well-designed signage and informational banners not only guide patients and visitors around the facility but also reinforce the facility’s commitment to healthcare excellence and patient safety.

If you need help with artwork...

Just send us your scribbles and scamps with some notes and we will create some artwork based on this. You can have a look at what we've created for you to approve or make a few adjustments. When you're happy, let us know and we'll get it on your wall.