Mark your space with 

​floor graphics

Boost your brand visibility with our custom-printed floor graphics. Designed for durability and high impact, these slip-resistant floor decals are perfect for directing traffic and promoting your business.

Enhance your marketing strategy with our visually striking, bespoke floor graphics—ideal for any promotional space.

Floor Graphics

Make a bold statement with Centeria's durable and impactful floor graphics. Our high-quality floor graphics are perfect for advertising, wayfinding, and branding, adding a unique touch to any space while withstanding heavy foot traffic and maintaining their vibrancy.

Product overview

Street wrap

Captivate and endure with Street Wrap, perfect for high-impact, weather-resistant urban branding.

Internal floor graphics

Enhance indoor spaces with practical, eye-catching Internal Floor Graphics for navigation and decor.

Printed lino floor

Stylish and sturdy, Printed Lino Floors offer easy maintenance and lasting durability for busy areas.

Floor graphics applications

Workspace interiors

Elevate office environments with custom floor graphics that enhance branding and guide foot traffic efficiently. Our durable, slip-resistant designs integrate seamlessly into any corporate setting, boosting aesthetics while providing functional navigation aids and zoning markers.

Leisure spaces

Transform leisure areas such as gyms, theatres, and sports arenas with vibrant, themed floor graphics. These high-quality, wear-resistant decals can demarcate zones, promote events, and enhance the overall visitor experience with dynamic visual cues.


Create engaging learning environments with educational floor graphics tailored for schools, colleges, and universities. From directional signage to interactive learning elements, our floor graphics support educational goals by facilitating navigation and enriching the visual landscape of educational institutions.


Enhance guest experiences in hotels, restaurants, and resorts with bespoke floor graphics that reflect your brand's theme and ethos. Ideal for wayfinding, promotional messaging, or simply adding a unique decorative touch, our graphics are designed to handle high traffic while maintaining visual appeal.


Improve the functionality and atmosphere of healthcare facilities with floor graphics that aid in wayfinding, zone demarcation, and patient engagement. Our easy-to-clean, durable graphics help reduce stress by making navigation straightforward and visually pleasing in environments such as hospitals and clinics.

If you need help with artwork...

Share your sketches and ideas with us, along with any notes, and we will turn them into custom artwork. Once we have a design ready, you can review it and suggest any changes you'd like.