Accentuate your décor with 

​picture framing

Our aim is to simplify the choices & procurement process associated with wall art and framing without limiting the possibilities

Picture framing is not just about decoration but is strategically used to enhance the environment, influence mood, and communicate values and identity.

Mounted wall prints

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Alumi ACM




Edge prints

Crown your artwork with one of our contemporary edge finishes.

A perfect method for any minimalist workspace or hospitality environment.

An elegant and subtle finish emphasizing the framed image. Our range of frame edges are suitable for both glazed and exposed prints..

Classic frames

From timeless classics to contemporary & modern finishes we have something to suit every space.

No need to travel to a frame studio or order online and cross your fingers.

centeria offers an on site free framing consultancy service.

We will come to your office or client’s site to go through your project with a collection of samples.


Our extensive range includes a variety of ornate and decorative frames that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior design. Let us assist you in selecting the perfect moulding to complement your space.

Wood | Polycore | Aluminium | Veneers

Natural wood grain | Smooth | Decorative


Want to accompany your print with a mount, or have your image going to the edge? No problem, we have a wide selection of mount options, colours and finishes available for you to choose from.

Single | Double | Slip | No Mount

Multi Aperture | ‘V’ Groove | Deep


When it comes to framing it’s all in the detail and finishing touches.

We have a glazing solution to suit your frames final destination. From non-reflective museum glass for those master pieces or perspex for high traffic areas.

Art Glass | Float | Perspex | Museum

Diffused - Reflection Control | Acrylic Tru-Vue Clear | Conservation (UV Protection)

Picture frames applications

Workspace interiors

In office settings, picture framing is used to enhance corporate identity and foster a positive work environment. Framed awards, certifications, and company milestones contribute to a sense of pride and achievement. Artwork framed to match corporate aesthetics can stimulate creativity and reduce stress, making the workspace more welcoming and inspiring.

Leisure spaces

For leisure and recreational facilities, picture framing plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance. Framed historical photographs, local artwork, or thematic prints can enhance the thematic decor of places like hotels, theatres, and sports clubs, providing guests with visual engagement and reinforcing the venue's identity.


In educational institutions, picture framing is utilized to display educational posters, student artwork, and faculty achievements in classrooms and corridors. This not only celebrates student and staff accomplishments but also creates an inspiring learning environment that values culture and creativity.


Hotels and restaurants use picture framing to create a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Framed artwork or photographs can tell the story of the locale or the theme of the establishment, contributing to the overall guest experience by creating a unique and memorable environment.


In healthcare settings, picture framing is strategically used to provide a calming atmosphere. Artwork, often featuring nature scenes or soothing abstracts, is framed and displayed in patient rooms, waiting areas, and staff rooms to help reduce stress and promote a healing environment.

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