Make a statement with 

​wall graphics

Elevate your walls with a touch of personality using our custom printed wallpapers, whether you opt for unique designs, full wall coverings, tension fabric backdrops, or even living walls. 

Let's bring your interior spaces to life and create memorable brand experiences together.

Wall graphics

Transform any wall into a captivating visual centerpiece with Centeria's high-quality, custom-designed wall graphics. Our expert team crafts bespoke wall graphics that elevate your brand, inspire your audience, and create unforgettable impressions in any environment.

They are ideal for offices, educational environments, healthcare settings, and leisure venues, serving both decorative and communicative functions.

people sitting inside building interior

Product overview

One piece wall covering

Seamless, high-resolution wall murals for stunning visuals.

Vinyl wall covering

Durable, versatile wall coverings for branding and decoration.

Tension fabric 

Sleek, frameless displays for vibrant graphics and messaging.

Raised lettering wallpaper

Transform your space with our custom wallpaper featuring eye-catching 3D raised lettering.

Custom wallpaper

Personalized designs for unique and impactful interiors.

Lightbox graphics

Illuminated displays for eye-catching advertising and signage.

Feature wall

Transform any wall into a focal point with custom designs and materials.

Wall graphic applications

Workspace interiors

Transform your workspace into an inspiring and productive environment with custom wall graphics that reinforce your brand identity, boost employee morale, and spark creativity.

Leisure spaces

Create unforgettable experiences for your guests with immersive wall graphics that transport them to new worlds, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impression.


Inspire curiosity and encourage learning with engaging wall graphics that bring educational content to life, create visually stimulating environments, and promote student engagement.


Elevate the ambiance of your establishment and create a memorable experience for your guests with sophisticated wall graphics that showcase your brand, enhance your décor, and create a welcoming atmosphere.


Promote healing and well-being with calming and reassuring wall graphics that create a peaceful environment, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance the patient experience.

If you need help with artwork...

Share your sketches and ideas with us, along with any notes, and we will turn them into custom artwork. Once we have a design ready, you can review it and suggest any changes you'd like.