Maximise spaces with our 

​frosted glass

Transform your space with Printed Acoustic Panels, a unique combination of sound control technology and customizable artwork that allows you to enhance your environment while maintaining optimal acoustics.

Frosted glass

Enhance privacy and elevate the aesthetics of your space with Centeria's premium frosted glass films. Our extensive selection of designs and textures offers both style and functionality, making them perfect for offices, homes, and commercial establishments seeking to create a sophisticated and private ambiance.  

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Product overview

Solid frosting

Enhance privacy with Solid Frosting, softly diffusing light for a sleek, modern look.

CAD cut frosting 

Create custom, precision-cut designs with CAD Cut Frosting for personalized glass decor.

Printed frosting

Add vibrant graphics to glass with Printed Frosting, perfect for decorative and privacy needs.

Gradient frosting

Gradient Frosting blends opaque and clear finishes for a stylish transition in privacy settings.

Reeded glass film

Introduce texture and privacy with Reeded Glass Film, offering a classic decorative touch.

Window film applications​

Workspace interiors

Frosted window graphics are used in workspaces to enhance aesthetics and diffuse light, creating a softer ambiance that can help reduce the harshness of direct sunlight. These graphics can be customized with corporate logos or subtle designs that add a touch of sophistication to office environments, contributing to a branded and professional look.

Leisure spaces

In leisure sectors such as gyms, spas, and clubs, frosted window graphics add a stylish element to interior design. They can be used to feature thematic designs that complement the ambiance of the space, offering a chic and private atmosphere without relying on their privacy aspect.


Educational institutions utilize frosted window graphics to introduce elements of art and creativity into the school environment. These graphics can be designed with educational motifs or school branding, which can make learning spaces more inviting and stimulating for students.


Hotels and restaurants use frosted window graphics to enhance their decor with elegant patterns and designs that can also serve as subtle branding tools. These graphics help create a unique and inviting atmosphere that can improve the overall guest experience, adding an element of luxury and exclusivity.


In healthcare settings, frosted window graphics are applied to create a calming and serene environment. They can feature nature-inspired designs or soothing patterns that help reduce stress and anxiety in patients and visitors, contributing to a healing atmosphere in hospitals and clinics.

Other window films

If you need help with artwork...

Just send us your scribbles and scamps with some notes and we will create some artwork based on this. You can have a look at what we've created for you to approve or make a few adjustments. When you're happy, let us know and we'll get it on your wall.