Improve security with 

​protective window films

Protective window films serve a crucial role in bolstering security, enhancing safety, and providing peace of mind across various sectors, ensuring that facilities remain safe and secure environments for all occupants.

Offering a multi-faceted solution, our films provide robust security by strengthening glass against break-ins.

Protective films

Security films are transparent weather stable polyester films with a scratch resistant surface and strong acrylic adhesive. The external product also features a different hard coat. 

The films’ high tensile strength and elongation at break increases its resistance of the overall glazing system to impact and pressure. They provide effective protection from injuries to people, or damage to items caused by the fragments of broken glass.

Product overview


Protect against forced entry, theft, breakage to deter entry from buildings


Keep glass fragments within the window frame to reduce potential injuries

Protective window films applications

Workspace interiors

In corporate environments, protective window films are essential for enhancing security and privacy. They help prevent easy break-ins by reinforcing glass against shattering and offer a discreet shield against external visibility, maintaining confidentiality and safeguarding sensitive information.

Leisure spaces

For venues such as gyms, sports complexes, and leisure centers, security window films not only enhance safety by reducing the risk of injury from broken glass but also protect against vandalism and break-ins, ensuring a secure space for patrons and staff.


Schools and universities can benefit significantly from the installation of protective window films, which provide a critical layer of security. These films help to hold glass in place during impacts, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing the overall safety of educational facilities.


Hotels and restaurants use protective window films to secure large expanses of glass that are susceptible to break-ins. These films maintain the aesthetic appeal of these establishments while providing an added layer of protection, ensuring guest safety and privacy.


Healthcare facilities prioritize patient safety and privacy, making protective window films a valuable addition. These films prevent glass from shattering in accidents or attacks, maintaining the integrity of sterile environments and protecting both patients and sensitive medical equipment.

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