Enhace your view with 

​window films

Glass finishes are perfect for privacy and decorative applications on glass and windows.

The ideal solution to give a touch of elegance and originality to the glass surfaces of commercial buildings, shops, restaurants, offices, hotels, wellness and spas.

Window films

Elevate your space with Centeria's premium window films. Enhance privacy, protect interiors, and boost energy efficiency with our stylish and durable solutions.

Our wide range of options caters to diverse needs, ensuring your message is seen and remembered, driving engagement and foot traffic to your business.

Creative window films

Branded window films

Enhance your brand visibility with custom-designed window displays.

Perforated films

See-through graphics for privacy and advertising on windows.

Etched films

Create elegant, frosted glass effects for privacy and style.

Block out window film

Completely obscure windows for privacy, light control, and security.

Dichroic films

Transform windows into vibrant, color-shifting art installations.

Functional window films

Frosted glass

Transform ordinary glass into an elegant, etched-glass masterpiece, providing privacy and style without sacrificing natural light.

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Privacy films

Shield your home or office from prying eyes with a versatile window film that offers complete privacy while maintaining a bright and open feel.

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Protective films

Safeguard your windows against shattering and reduce the risk of injury from broken glass during accidents, natural disasters, or vandalism.

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UV protection

Block harmful UV rays that can fade furniture, damage artwork, and harm skin, while maintaining a clear view and reducing glare.

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Energy-saving window films

Lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint with an window film that helps regulate indoor temperatures, reduce heat loss in winter, and minimize heat gain in summer. 

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Window graphics applications

Workspace interiors

Transform ordinary windows into extraordinary branding opportunities with eye-catching window graphics that reinforce your company's identity, promote your products and services, and create a vibrant workspace that inspires creativity and productivity.

Leisure spaces

Enhance the atmosphere of your leisure space and create a visually stunning experience for your guests with engaging window graphics that showcase your unique offerings, promote upcoming events, and create a memorable first impression.


Inspire curiosity and encourage learning with informative and visually stimulating window graphics that highlight key educational messages, create a welcoming environment, and reinforce your school's brand identity.


Elevate the ambiance of your establishment and create a memorable experience for your guests with sophisticated window graphics that showcase your menu offerings, promote special events, and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Create a calming and reassuring environment for patients and visitors with soothing window graphics that promote your healthcare services, share important information, and create a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

If you need help with artwork...

Share your sketches and ideas with us, along with any notes, and we will turn them into custom artwork. Once we have a design ready, you can review it and suggest any changes you'd like.