Workspace branding   by Centeria

At Centeria, we enhance workspaces with custom branding solutions, including wall graphics, window films, and acoustic panels. Our tailored designs reflect your corporate identity, creating functional and inspiring environments for businesses, tenants, and landlords.

Creative spaces in education

At Centeria, we specialize in creating captivating visual solutions for educational institutions. From vibrant classroom murals that inspire learning to custom signage that guides and informs, our mission is to enhance the educational environment through high-quality print and graphic design.

Transforming educational spaces with centeria's creative branding solutions

Centeria can provide a variety of products including wall graphics for classroom and corridor beautification, custom vinyl floor graphics for navigation and branding, window films to enhance privacy and reduce glare, and outdoor signage to promote school events and guide visitors.

Each product is designed to be both functional and visually appealing, supporting educational objectives and enhancing the overall school environment.

Enhance learning environment

Branding and graphics in schools can create a more engaging and stimulating learning environment, helping to inspire creativity and focus among students.

Promote school ethos and values

Effective use of branding helps build a strong sense of community and pride, reinforcing the school’s values and ethos among students and staff.

Directional assistance

Graphics can be used to make navigation around campus easier for students, staff, and visitors, enhancing safety and reducing confusion.

Elevate your learning with storytelling walls

Enguage, Educate, and Inspire with Custom Educational Murals

Bring education to life in your school, college, or university with Centeria’s Storytelling Walls. Each wall is custom-created to reflect your educational goals, whether to illustrate complex scientific concepts, celebrate historical milestones, or inspire through art and literature. Centeria’s Storytelling Walls foster a visually stimulating environment that encourages students to explore, question, and connect with their learning material in new and exciting ways.

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Enhance user experience with strategic wayfinding signage

Discover the power of clear, effective navigation with Centeria’s Wayfinding Solutions, tailored for every environment. Optimise your space with Centeria’s innovative and aesthetically pleasing wayfinding signage, ensuring visitors and employees can find their way effortlessly and efficiently. Explore our solutions today and transform how people interact with your space.

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Propel educational engagement with centeria’s academic brochures and prospectuses

Elevate your educational institution's outreach with Centeria’s bespoke brochures and prospectuses, meticulously designed to engage prospective students and their families. Perfect for schools, universities, and colleges, our materials combine compelling design with essential information that highlights your academic programs, campus life, and unique opportunities. With Centeria, create marketing pieces that not only inform but also inspire potential students to choose your institution for their educational journey. 

Tailored Educational prospectus and brochures

Enhance your visibility and impact with external branding for educational institutions

Tailored specifically for businesses looking to make a strong impact, our services include a wide range of products from eye-catching building wraps and engaging digital displays to custom signage and dynamic banners. Our solutions are designed to capture attention, communicate your messages effectively. Whether revitalizing your campus, or launching a promotional campaign, Centeria’s external branding tools are your gateway to achieving remarkable visibility and lasting impressions.

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Attract & enguage with external branding

Story telling walls

Bring education to life in your school, college, or university with Centeria’s Storytelling Walls.

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Discover the power of clear, effective navigation with Centeria’s Wayfinding Solutions, tailored for every environment.

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Prospectus and brochures

Enhance your institution's appeal with Centeria’s custom brochures and prospectuses, designed to engage students and families.

External branding

For impactful business solutions, we provide a range of products like building wraps, digital displays, signage, and banners.

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Brand engagement for hospitality

Visual identity in leisure spaces

Wellness branding for healthcare

​Creative spaces in education

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