Workspace branding   by Centeria

At Centeria, we enhance workspaces with custom branding solutions, including wall graphics, window films, and acoustic panels. Our tailored designs reflect your corporate identity, creating functional and inspiring environments for businesses, tenants, and landlords.

Wellness branding for healthcare

At Centeria, we enhance healthcare spaces with custom branding solutions, including wall graphics, vinyl floor designs, privacy window films, outdoor signage, and antimicrobial films. Our tailored designs improve patient experiences and ensure safety while reflecting your facility's identity, creating cohesive and engaging environments.

Improving healthcare settings with centeria's functional and aesthetic products

Centeria offers a range of products tailored to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. These include wall graphics for patient rooms and public areas to create a calming environment, custom vinyl floor graphics for wayfinding, window films that ensure privacy and control light, and outdoor signage for easy navigation and facility identification. Each product is designed to improve the healthcare experience for patients, visitors, and staff by making spaces more welcoming and easier to navigate.

Enhanced member experience

Effective branding transforms a leisure facility into an inviting and inspirational environment, increasing member satisfaction and retention.

Increased visibility

Strategic branding ensures that a leisure facility stands out, attracting new members and boosting its profile in the community. 

Sustained brand impact

A well-branded facility acts as a continuous promotional tool, maintaining brand awareness and loyalty without the recurring costs of traditional advertising.

Protect healthcare environments with centeria's antimicrobial films

Ensure superior hygiene and safety in healthcare settings with Centeria's Antimicrobial Films. Our antimicrobial technology actively reduces microbial growth, helping to prevent the spread of infections and support a sterile environment. Discover the benefits of integrating Centeria's Antimicrobial Films into your infection control protocols to enhance patient care and maintain rigorous cleanliness standards in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

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protect surfaces with antimicrobial films

Enhance healthcare navigation with centeria's floor graphics

Transform the way patients and staff navigate your healthcare facility with Centeria's specialized Floor Graphics. Our easy-to-clean and slip-resistant graphics ensure safety and maintain cleanliness standards, crucial for areas with high foot traffic. With Centeria's Floor Graphics, you can improve wayfinding in your healthcare establishment, reducing confusion and enhancing the overall patient and visitor experience. 

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Mark your slapce with floor graphics

Streamlined wayfinding systems for enhanced medical facility efficiency

Enhance the functionality and accessibility of your healthcare establishment with Centeria's Wayfinding Solutions. Tailored for the unique needs of medical facilities, our wayfinding systems guide patients, visitors, and staff efficiently through complex hospital layouts, reducing stress and improving operational flow. From directional signage to critical area markers, our solutions are designed to be clear, hygienic, and compliant with healthcare regulations.

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Lead the way with wayfinding

Custom wall graphics for healthcare settings to improve experiences

Transform your healthcare facility into a soothing and visually appealing space with Centeria's Wall Graphics. Designed specifically for medical environments, our wall graphics help create a calming atmosphere that can significantly enhance patient comfort and recovery. Perfect for use in patient rooms, waiting areas, and treatment centres, our graphics are made from durable, easy-to-clean materials that meet healthcare hygiene standards. From serene nature scenes to colourful abstract designs, Centeria's wall graphics can be customized to suit the specific needs and themes of any healthcare establishment. 

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Make a statement with wall graphics

Story telling walls

Bring education to life in your school, college, or university with Centeria’s Storytelling Walls.

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Prospectus and

Enhance your institution's appeal with Centeria’s custom brochures and prospectuses, designed to engage students and families.

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Discover the power of clear, effective navigation with Centeria’s Wayfinding Solutions, tailored for every environment.

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External branding

For impactful business solutions, we provide a range of products like building wraps, digital displays, signage, and banners.

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Corporate identity in workspace branding

Brand engagement for hospitality

Wellness branding for healthcare

​Creative spaces in education

Visual identity in leisure spaces

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